Group Rules

100 countries, however there may be some cases where the division coordinator may accept a member in the group, if the person is one of quality, as we want quality not quantity.

2.Band Plan
26.000 MHz to 28.000 MHz all mode, please note all members are advised to use rtx radio sets, within the laws and regulations of their countries, we will not be responsible for members who do not abide be their country laws and regulations.

3.QSL divisional cards
Can only be printed via your country coordinator, also personal cards can?t be printed without authorization of divisional coordinator or HQ.

4.Call sign
You may have membership to as many other groups as you wish, we do not discriminate against other groups.

5.New members
Membership is completely free, new members need recommendation from Local Coordinator or HQ member.
New member receives UNIT NUMBER starting from 100
New member will RX only OD QRZ.
Changing the UNIT NUMBER for lower number can be done after 5 years of continuous membership in the group

6. Membership confirmations
Each member OD DX Group will have to confirm your membership once a year starting from October till 24 December every Year.
No confirmation of membership is the resignation of the group

All groups official are elected by HQ; these appointments can be changed at any time where there is a vote of No Confidence by majority of the members in the division concerned.

All activations, including IOTA & SES must be authorize by OD HQ and send an info to your local coordinator. OD rules for a DX activation to validate it. We need the Visas, Passport, Air Plane Tickets, Boarding pass, Videos, Photos. Full infos about proves will be given by OD HQ. Also we need one QSL and the log book to put on the web.

9.Courtesy/Radio etiquette
We expect all members to act with courtesy at all times, we will not look kindly on those who bring the group into disrepute regardless of the group concerned.

May only be asked on 0/DX/IOTA and most wanted countries.

11.QSL Bureau
You may request for the QSL Bureau to manage your mail, this only applies to stations outside Europe or Most Wanted Countries. The only exception to this rule is if it would cause you problems with local authorities to QSL direct.

12.QSL Managers
You may become a QSL Manager providing you have the time, and you have the finances to do so, and permission from HQ must be sought before accepting such a position. If there is already an OD member being a QSLM in another country and the member you wish to be QSLM for, is in the some country, it is advised that the OD QSL manager already in that division concerned handle this member. This would save the group money with materials and assure good service from the experienced QSL manager with that country.

DO NOT WRITE the QRZ of any member on envelopes, nor stamp radio logo?s on mail sent to other members. This may cause problems for certain operators, who have monitors reading mail?s received.
Making a CQ call : Do not make a QSO on the calling frequency (.555) Once contact has been made QSY.