Group Story

anxiety medication diazepam International DX Group OSCAR DELTA was born at January 1st 2001. The group was established in Poland, and was founded by 161OD002 Dario, who asked couple friends for help in creating HQ and building a new group, which will associate in its ranks professional 11m band operators.

tramadol no rx The name Oscar Delta consists from the first letters of founders names – Ex 161OD001 Olek and Ex 161OD002 Dario, and also first letters of the main motto of the group: “Oscar Delta – Only DX-ers”. The first successful activation of OSCAR DELTA was activation from Nigeria – 89OD/0, activated by Ex 161OD005 Wojtek Later there were many successful and interesting activations, such 97OD/0, 147OD/0, 307OD/0, 109OD/0, 161OD/G, 161OD/PJP2, 161OD/R. Those activations made OSCAR DELTA popular and brought great interest from operators outside Poland.

how long does lunesta make you sleep At the end of 2001 161OD002 Dario moved to Germany, and for one year he has break in his activity in group. After this break he came back to work in HQ, he was working hard to make group bigger and more active.

can you order adipex online In 2004 Oscar Delta has Great Depression because of misgovern by polish HQ members, the group was slowly losing its reputation. To avert slow death of group 13/161OD002 Dario asked for help couple members of which was interested in keeping of the good name of the group. Together with 3OD001 Will, 47OD001 Thomas and Marty 43OD001, Dario made decisions to create a new HQ, to rebuild group.

It was a hard time to start everything from zero, even the materials was in hands of Polish HQ. After short time a new web page was created, also new QSL cards, sponsored by new HQ, was printed in couple weeks. New HQ has created new rules; main rule was to have no president. HQ didn?t want to commit same mistake as before, mistake which has almost destroyed the group, dictatorship of the president, who has holding in his hands absolute power.

natural pills to help you sleep January 3rd 2005 was the day of Oscar Delta rebirth. HQ has decided to change the rules, they also have create a new motto: “Oscar Delta – Only DX-ers – Only Democracy”

The year 2005 was a new beginning for OSCAR DELTA. After a slow start, many operators have found that creating of the new HQ has saved the group. New HQ won adherence and trust of the world’s 11 meters community and the group has immediately began to grow. Many activations: 47OD/EU171 Jegind Island (first time on 11m band), 19OD/AS2005 – Sail Amsterdam 2005. 236OD001 – Max, active form Bangladesh (from August 2005). OSCAR DELTA group, according to the democratic principles, has no president and there is no need to have one, because it is managed by the international democratic HQ: Currently Oscar Delta HQ creates 2 people: 3OD001 Will, , 13OD002/161OD001 Dario