OD-Day Contest

OD-Day – Competition

1. Objective.

– For Oscar Delta International DX Group members only

2. Contest date.

– First weekend of November every year.
– Start Saturday 00:00
– End Sunday 00:00

3. Frequencies & mode.

– Call frequency (monitor) for OD-Day contest is 27.640 USB only and after call go to 27,580 – 27.900 USB, LSB, FM, AM

4. Categories.

– Single operator only

5. Points & scoring.

– 10 point for first contact with each division after that first contact, all the rest will be 5 points with each division.
(example. If you contact 14 divisions, it will be 10 points if you contact another 14 divisions it will be 5 points)
– Contact with a coordinator from each division 20 points.
– Contact HQ member 30 points
– Contact mystery contact 50 points. He can only be contacted one time.

6. Mystery Contact.

– Will be selected by Contest manager randomly before the competition.
– The mystery contact only reveals who he is after that person makes connection with him.

7. Contest Manager.

– The official OD-Day Contest Manager is (NO MANAGER YET)
– The Contest Manager reserves the right of disqualifying any station that doesn’t obey the rules of the Contest

8. Log.

– All QSO’s must be registered in progressive number received and passed on the official OD-Day log.
– Contest Manager must receive all Papier & Mailed logs no later than the second weekend of December.
– The official log is available in the OD web site (www.oscardelta.org) in downloads section and also if you write to: hq@oscardelta.org
– All logs must be in GMT time. Please make sure you know your locale time in GMT before you start the contest.

9. Trophies.

– The first, second & third winners will have received a trophy.

10. Results.

– Published on OD web site and OD mailing list and sent to all participants with Email address

11. QSL Cards.

– QSL Cards exchange is possible but not necessary.