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We are open for serious operators from around the world with a big passion for DX-ing. OD-DX is totaly for free and non profit group. More important for us is the quality of our operators than the number of members of the group. Our group is managed by the international democratic HQ Members. And most important for us is our hobby and friendship. If you would like to know more about us please do not hesitate to contact us.
If you like our group you can become a part of our family.


If you want to join Oscar Delta International DX Group first you must contact your Local Coordinator or OD HQ about your recommendation and QRZ possibility.

100 countries, however there may be some cases where the Country Coordinator may accept a member in the group, if the person is one of quality, as we want quality not quantity.

It would be nice if you could get to know our rules before joining us. Please see HERE
New member receives UNIT NUMBER starting from #100 –>
New member will RX only OD QRZ & Certificate of Membership which will be send to E-mail address
Changing the UNIT NUMBER for lower number can be done after 5 years of continuous membership in the group



OD HQ – Email HERE

Temporary Italian Coordinator: 1ODO105 Joe – Email HERE
Brazilian Coordinator: 3ODO001 Wilson – Email HERE
Canadian Coordinator: 9ODO24 Allison – Email HERE
Temporary Puerto Rico Coordinator: 11OD101 Nelson – Email HERE
Temporary German Coordinator: 13OD002 Dario – Email HERE
Finnish Coordinator: 56OD002 Mikko – Email HERE
Temporary Polish Coordinator: 161OD001 Dario – Email HERE

Please use this form to contact us. Your message will be sent to the OD HQ. We will contact you as soon as possible.