Membership Confirmation for 2018

Hello all OD Members
The time has come to confirm membership in a group.
From 01 October till 23 December We are waiting for your confirmation.
After this date Members list will be closed.
Please do not forget about it and do not wait until the last minute!!
We accept only Membership Confirmations via your Local Coordinator or via ficial HQ email address:
In Membership Confirmations we need only your current QRZ + Name + email address and short message that you want to stay for 2018. That’s all
We will send a response back for all Membership Confirmations sent to us.
From 01.01.2018 no confirmed membership will be deleted from members list and our official forum.
Confirmations received after 24 December (LATE RENEWAL) will be treated like a new member enrolment and new QRZ will be given (old QRZ will be lost !!!).
Please do not send confirmation via Facebook, SMS, Phone Call, WhatsApp, Skype or OD NET is no valid!!
More info: English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portugal and Polish